Puerto Peñasco

This winter we are spending a little over a month in Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point, Mexico.  We got here Feb. 1st and are staying at an Airbnb casita.  It is not too far from grocery shopping but a bit of a distance from the Malecon (seawall) and lots of other touristy places.  We do not have a car but after a few days we decided to buy a couple of used bikes from a place that said they would buy them back when we leave.  Unfortunately the streets right around us are sand and don’t make riding easy but once we get to the paved street we can do it.  Neither of us are big bikers so it’s a bit of a challenge to ride in Mexican traffic so we’re into taking taxis now for some places we go.  We are considering renting a car but so far haven’t found anything that isn’t totally outrageous price wise.  We probably should have done it on-line before we left but we thought we could walk everywhere.  Oh well, maybe something will turn up.  In the meantime we are biking locally, walking or taking taxis.

We’ve been to the Malecon twice and enjoyed walking along the seawall, watching the many birds there and enjoying some great food.

There are a few boat rides we’re looking into that we hope to do before we leave.  One is a sunset cruise and the other is a trip to Isla San Jorge or the Bird Islands. That latter is an all day trip so we’re trying to figure how to get down to the dock by 6:30 am.

Today we went to an area called the Reef which is a beach just west of all the fancy resorts and condos.  Had a great walk long the beach and got to see a bunch of shorebirds we haven’t seen yet.

Then we have a wonderful meal on the beach at a restaurant called Wrecked at the Reef.


We certainly can’t complain about the weather here.  It has been in the mid to upper 70’s most days with lots of sun and down to low 50’s at night.  We’re here until the 5th of March and would love for anyone to come down and hang out with us (especially if you have a car. “-))



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