Out of Africa exhibit

opening night

Since many of you were unable to make it to my exhibit I thought I’d bring it to you.  This picture is from opening night.

tuning up

This is an overview of part of the wall with my friend and musician Hal Bosco.

the band

The whole band: ‘Uncle Hal and his Crabgrass Band”

We had a great opening night with wonderful music and lots of people–many old friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

2017-10-06 18.53.17-1

This is a picture of the gallery window at night.

The following are pictures of all of the work:

Triptych of the Cranes of South Africa

Wattled Crane   Grey-crowned Crane   Blue Crane (this one is the national bird of So. Africa)

2′ X 4′ each, Acrylic collage


The Pride

Acrylic/ collage  30″ x 40″


At the Waterhole

4’x 2′  Acrylic/collage

jacaranda and friends

Jacaranda and Friends

16″ x 20″ Acrylic/collage

Penguins on the Rocks copy

Penguins on the Rocks

16″ x 20″  Acrylic/collage

The little animals below the Penguins are Rock Hyraxes.  We saw quite a few of these where we saw the Penguins.

kruger new


16″ x 20″  Acrylic/collage

Kruger was the place that we saw the most large mammals like the Elephants here.  The bird painted here is a Malachite Kingfisher and I don’t remember what kind of beetle that is.


Pale Chanting Goshawks

14″ x 18″ Acrylic/collage

Bathtime for Flamingo

Bathtime for Flamingo

14″ x 18″ Mixed Media

Lilac breasted Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller

11″ x 14″  Acrylic/collage

The last 10 paintings are all 5″x 7″ watercolor or watercolor collage:

A Ramification of Impala

A Ramification of Impala

Aren't I Gorgeous?

Aren’t I Gorgeous?  (This bird is actually named ‘Gorgeous Bush-shrike’)


Bateleur (one of many Eagles we saw)

cape rockjumper copy

Cape Rockjumper

Could you Kudu? copy

Would You, Kudo?


I’m Horny!

hippo copy

Hip, Hippo, Hooray!

lesser bush baby copy

Lesser Bush Baby

Southern White-fronted Owl

Southern White-fronted Owl

zebras copy

It’s Not All Black and White



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